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Tom Sherman “Everything for Someone”

“YouTube was launched early in 2005. This Google subsidiary now estimates that 60 hours of new video is uploaded to the site every minute. Cisco Systems Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of routers and switches that direct internet traffic, says that watching all the video crossing over the internet in 2014 will take around 72 million years. Netflix, YouTube and Vimeo will only make up approximately 15% of this video traffic. Clearly we are living in an era dominated by an unprecedented abundance of video messaging…

The above scenario sets out a perplexing question: how will an artist working in video find an audience for his or her work in the midst of this video tsunami?”

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Tom Sherman is a Canadian artist and writer, who asks quite on-the-spot questions that are not very easy to answer. His recent on-line exhibition “Everything for Someone” proposes some significant discussions on the presence of video in a Webified way of living, as well as its subtle power to transform the practice itself.

Visit the exhibition on Videographe’s Vitheque (streaming from Montreal).

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