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From the Video Vortex List: MOBILE AESTHETICS

Caridad Botella: The Aesthetics of Cellphone-Made Films

The first films shot with mobile phones appeared between 2005 and 2006, among them the feature film SMS Sugar Man1 (2005-2006) by South African director Aryan Kaganof, which is regarded as a revolutionary, alternative way of making films with the limitations imposed by a mobile phone. Another pioneering film considered among the first ones is New Love Meetings (2006) by Marcello Mencarini and Barbara Seghezzi. According to a June 14, 2006, report by The Guardian about New Love Meetings: “The limitations of filming with a mobile phone-having to film at close range, weak sound capture and the slightly shaky picture-turned out to be advantages for them, leading people to open up a little more easily.”2 Mobile devices “insert” a lens in everybody’s hand: Capturing reality at any moment and place of the day has never been so accessible. During the past several years, films made with mobile phones have received the attention of not only the press but also film and media scholars. But in order to better understand them, it is important to define the aesthetic and stylistic characteristics of cellphone-made films, which has led to new ways to categorize and define them. … read more here:

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