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Is the internet watching you sleep?

The Kernel – Rob Price on February 27th, 2014: “The only upside to Edward Snowden‘s revelations about the National Security Agency tracking your every move is, perversely, that they’re doing it to everyone else as well. Like a needle in a haystack, the volume of information in the system helps to hide and anonymise you.” …

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“This video is not available in Germany”

Abstract form First Monday, Volume 19, Number 10: “YouTube’s blocked content notice “This video is not available in Germany” is part of an ongoing discourse on music streaming and the German collecting society, GEMA. The debates unfold mainly online, and GEMA–bashing is one of the most recognized outcomes. The central question is: How much are …

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Raised On YouTube

From the project website: “From the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to the contemporary green walls, plants have fascinated us. We enjoy rooting for plants—they make us happy. But even as our appreciation of plant biology has grown over time, our relationship to them has become distorted. Our culture is the culprit. Profligate and destructive, culture’s …

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Video Vortex 10 Program

The event is shaping up. On the program side is now a draft posted with a list of people attending Video Vortex 10 and some of the topics we will discuss. Vortex 10 will consist of a screening event and an intensive round table on Saturday. We are happy to have Natalie Bookchin and Peter …

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Video Vortex 10 Welcome

Welcome to Video Vortex 10. Give us a little bit time and you’ll see the event slowly taking shape. Selamlar!

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